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Preliminary Schedule

This schedule includes all confirmed Intersections and some confirmed Cross-sections presenters. There remain some Cross-sections presenters to be added, as our curatorial team is continuing to work with them to confirm details regarding their works.

Locations and presenters will be changed or added to this schedule as they are confirmed. Changes are expected. If you submitted to IS|CS and received an acceptance letter (check your junk or spam folders) but do not see your name on the schedule, please contact us at Please note that IS|CS does not send out rejection letters.

Any concerns regarding the schedule should be directed to


York University


9:00 AM

Registration opens

9:30-10:30 AM

Room TBD: (Re)Creating and (Re)Forming Understandings

“Spurning time and space”: Charles Dickens, sleep, and the attention economy
Presenter: Nicole Dufoe, University of Toronto

“The Self as Palimpsest”: Dissociation and Control in the Narrative Space of Open City
Presenter: Zach McCann-Armitage

The Narrative Space and Children’s Meaning Making
Presenter: Jenna Santyr, York University

Room TBD: Capitalist (Re)Production

Soshal Media Influencers: Influencer Marketing in the Philippines
Presenters: Steph Hill and Daphne Chan, Ryerson University

Free Access Manifesto: Imagining the Role of Public Museums for our Future Societies
Presenter: Genevieve Farrell, University of Winnipeg

“The Handmade Revolution?” Craft Fairs in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Presenter: Vincci Li, York University

Pokémon Go, platform capitalism, and digital play
Presenter: Alexander Ross, Ryerson University

10:30-11:30 AM

Room TBD: (Re)Claiming Oneself

Fatness, bodies and spaces
Presenter: Dianne Fierheller and Lauren Van Camp, McMaster University

Women’s Performances of Immaterial Labour in ‘Camming’: Spaces of Resistance
Presenter: Meera Govindasamy, Ryerson University

Room TBD: Attending to Space(s) Limitations and Restrictions

Open Doors and Accessible Floors: Inclusion and Accessibility in Museums
Presenter: Simone Reis, University of Winnipeg

Issues and Challenges of Diversity in Creative Industries
Presenter: Erika Chung, York University

11:35 AM-12:35 PM

Room TBD: The Space, as Written – Part 1

Queers on the Bridge: Re-Articulating an Architecture of Subservience
Presenter: Robert Blake Fleet, University of Guelph

“Put That Box in Front of the Hole so He Can’t Get Out!”: Claustrophobia, Constriction and Panic in Richard Wright’s Native Son
Presenter: Zak Jones, University of Toronto

News, Late Night, and the End of the World: Fan Fiction as a Space for Exploring Politics and Apocalypse in the Trump Era
Presenter: Elizabeth Edwards, York University


Room TBD: Contested Legal Spaces

Constructing Tongzhi Spatial Identity in Hong Kong
Presenter: Desmond O’Doherty, York University

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws: A Breeding Ground for Discrimination
Presenter: Sadia Uddin, York University

(Re)creating Racial Space Under the Charter
Presenter: Syed Abbas Imam, York University

12:40-1:40 PM


1:45-2:45 PM

Room TBD: Bots as Archives, Archivists, and Archnemesis: Ramifications for studying and theorizing online spaces

Panel by: Mary Grace Lao, Steve Jankowski, and Olivia Dziwak

Room TBD: Spaces of Artistic Practice

The Body Speaks: the abstract and the multicultural
Presenter: Anna Lytvynova, York University

REALizing Spaces: Spatial Performativity in Augmented Reality Art
Presenter: Liron Efrat, University of Toronto

2:50-3:50 PM

Room TBD: City Spaces

Cartography of Place: Writing for the Infraordinary
Presenter: Josh Silver, University of Toronto

A vernacular order of the city: Practical theorizing and historic accounts in city planning
Presenter: George Martin, York University

Of piety and property: a Toronto Muslim community’s graveyard and epigraphy
Presenter: Aly Rattansi, University of Toronto

Room TBD: Spaces of Appropriation, Reclamation and Rebellion

“You’re no longer welcome”: Authenticity and Appropriation in the Drake, Meek Mill, and Norm Kelly Twitter Feud of 2015
Presenter: Natasha Ramoutar, Ryerson University

Meme Appropriation in Digital Spaces and Future Movements
Presenter: Benjamin Meloche, University of Windsor

‘Get that son of a bitch off the field’: Kneeling in the NFL as spectacular resistance and counter-hegemonic struggle
Presenter: Brittany Szczyglowski, University of Windsor

3:45 PM

Registration closes

4:00-5:00 PM – Student Keynote

Room TBD: Mangles and Intersections: Feminist art-science laboratories and the ethics of care

Student Keynote: Treva Michelle Legassie, Concordia University



Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst Street

Cross-sections Reception

Ft. Drinks, food, and Cross-sections performance and interactive art



Student Learning Centre (SLC) and Image Arts Building (IMA), Ryerson University


9:00 AM

Registration opens

9:30-10:30 AM

SLC 508: Contesting, Resisting, Transgressing: Caribbean Bodies Re/Claiming Space

Panel by: Darrell Baksh, Ryan Persadie, and Nikoli Attai

“An’ Dat Is Real Unity”? Chutney Soca at the Crossroads of Crossover
Presenter: Darrell Baksh, University of the West Indies

The Challenges of the Queer Fête: The Affects of (Indo) Absence and the Politics of Belonging in the Trinidad Diaspora
Presenter: Ryan Persadie, University of Toronto

​“De Way Dat Ah Winin’ in De Band, Dey Callin’ Me a Bullerman”: Gay Men’s Agency in Trinidad Carnival
Presenter: Nikoli Attai, University of Toronto

SLC 515: Contact Zones

Frontier Gardens: The Quiet Violence of Botanical Contact Zones
Presenter: Emma Lansdowne, Royal Roads University

Negotiated Naturecultures at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Presenter: Tim Runtz, University of Winnipeg

Sensing Temporalities: Kinesthetic Awareness of Deep Time as the Antidote for Nostalgia
Presenter: Samantha Wymes, York University

SLC 516: (Re)Establishing Digital Spaces

Transgender YouTubers and the Power of Coming Out: Online Spaces of Resistance and Change
Presenter: Meghan Miller, University of Western Ontario

Digital Queer Spaces: Collective Identities through Digital Activism in South Asia
Presenter: Narayanamoorthy Nanditha, York University

Johannesburg, Times Square and the Imagined Digital Community: Travelling Incorporations of the “New Subaltern”
Presenter: Sadie Barker, McMaster Universit

10:30-11:30 AM

SLC 508: Queer Spaces

In the Middle: Queer Portuguese Experiences of the Emanuel Jaques Murder
Presenter: Michael Pereira, Ryerson University

Drag Queen in St. John’s and Manila: A Comparative Ethnography
Presenter: Marissa Francisco Farahbod, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Presenter: Beth Schellenberg, University of Winnipeg

SLC 515: Community Spaces

Presenter: Stacey Copeland, Simon Fraser University

Presenter: Jennifer Mitsche, York University

SLC 516: Spaces of Resistance

(Re) Imagined Spaces of Resistance – Sexual Assault Survivors and the Desire to Reclaim Damaged Space
Presenter: Brianne Williamson, University of Guelph

Space for self-expression: Brazilian feminist art under military dictatorship
Presenter: Patricia Branco Cornish, Concordia University

Reimagining Digital Spaces of Support
Presenter: Melissa Palermo, Concordia University

11:35 AM-12:35 PM

SLC 508: Online Spaces, Considered Online and Off

(Re)Concilated Conversations: Re(Structuring) Technical Support Communications through Mediated Channels
Presenter: Ken Lee, University of Alberta

Bunzing Alone: Irrepressible Civic Participation in Online Trading Groups
Presenter: Olivia Dziwak, York University

Piracy communities and the spaces they occupy
Presenter: Chris Hugelmann, Ryerson University

SLC 515: Indigenous Spatial Reclamation

Activating Museum Spaces through Indigeneity
Presenter: Franchesca Herbert-Spence, University of Winnipeg

Kolonianada: Settler Complicity in the Ukrainian-Canadian Folksong Cycle
Presenter: Kirk Kitzul, Carleton University

Space of Resistance: Indigenous Women (Re)claiming Their Identities
Presenter: Laura Van Der Walle, University of Guelph

SLC 516: Bodies

Obeisance in Exchanged Blood: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Talysha Bujold-Abu, University of Windsor

Torso, Alien, and Fish: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Sarah Ferguson, York University

Holding (Birth) Space: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Calla Evans, Ryerson University

(Un)Seen Zine: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Alysia Myette, Ryerson University

12:40-1:40 PM


1:45-2:45 PM

SLC 508: The Televisual Space

The Contentious Ethnic Space of Harbin in Chinese TV Series and Films
Presenter: Jing Xu, York University

The Photographic Eye and the Crystal Image: Claire Denis’s View of Memory, Landscape, Space and Time
Presenter: Wendy Donnan, York University

SLC 515: The Body as Space

Reclaiming Molecular Bodies: Genetic Journeys on YouTube
Presenter: Stephen Struve, Carleton University

Closing the Distance: Reparative Acts, Objects and Viewing in Dominic Quagliozzi’s ‘Sick’ Art
Presenter: Candace Couce, Brock University

Hybrid Bodies in Convergent Spaces: An affective understanding of Virtual Reality gaming
Presenter: Sara Shamdani, York University

SLC 516: The Space, as Written – Part 2

Limited space, eternal life——The analysis of Liang Tsong Tai’s poetry from the perspective of Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space
Presenter: Yuan Cao, The Education University of Hong Kong

J.G. Ballard’s Zootopia: Gendered Space and Uncanny Domesticity in High-Rise, research project under the guidance of Professor Stanka Radović
Presenter: Fiana Kawane, University of Toronto

Could Donald Trump claim some room for fake news in the space of postmodernism and post-structuralism?
Presenter: Andrey Miroschnichenko, York University

IMA 307: Written In My Blood: Screening and Q&A

Panel by: Steven Davies (Director), University of British Columbia Okanagan, and Toby Lawrence (Original Curator)

2:50-3:50 PM

SLC 508: Reinscribing Space

{ / Unbracketing { / human / } in the academy / }: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Britt Arnell, Carleton University

Between Boundaries: Artist’s Talk
Presenter: Saarah Saghir, York University

IMA 307: In the Closet: Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

Panel by: Ian Steinberg, Calla Churchward, and Rufus Hickok from McMaster University

3:45 PM

Registration closes

4:00-5:00 PM – Keynote

IMA 307: Spaces of Empire: A Cognitive Map

Keynote: Dr. Tanner Mirrlees, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)


Updated: February 19, 2018